Alienating the other Parent

Never alienate a parent by:

  • Manipulating children to make choices about care and contact.
  • Blaming the other parent openly for the breakdown of the family.
  • Scheduling activities with the child in the other parent’s contact time.
  • Asking the child personal questions about the other parent’s life.
  • Listening in to the child’s telephone conversations with the other parent, and sometimes refusing to allow the other parent telephonic access to the child.
  • Refusing to allow the other parent access to school or medical records.
  • Reacting with sadness when the child relates a good story about their contact with the other parent.
  • Telling the child about the gory details of the separation or other issues to put the other parent in a bad light.
  • Physically or psychologically ‘rescuing’ the child from the other parent when there is no threat to their safety.

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