Alienating the other parent

Never alienate a parent by:

Parental Alienation is the opposite of co-parenting and is a form of child abuse with devastating long term harm which lasts into adulthood

It manifests in the following type of behaviour on the part of one or both parents or other family members which can be overt or subtle

  • Reusing or limiting contact.
  • Blaming the other parent for the breakdown.
  • Scheduling activities with the children in the other parent’s contact time.

  • Asking the children personal questions about the other parent or their new partner.

  • Listening in to the child’s telephone conversations with the other parent.

  • Refusing to allow the other parent access to school or medical records.

  • Reacting with sadness when the child relates a good story about their contact with the other parent. (subtle signals are sufficient)

  • Inappropriate sharing of information.

  • Physically or psychologically ‘rescuing’ the child from the other parent when there is no threat to their safety.